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"Trees, Forests & Landscapes has performed numerous projects for the Missouri Botanical Garden over the years, and their work has never been anything less than excellent. From tree pruning to lightning installation to large planting projects, they get the work done quickly and professionally. Their employees are very well trained, they are very responsive if we have any issues and they even take the time to follow up after the project is over to make sure everything turned out the way we wanted. I can highly recommend them for anyone who wants outstanding results with their landscape projects."

-James Cocos - Senior Manager of Horticulture at Missouri Botanical Garden

"During the past 20 years William Spradley and his expert team at Trees, Forests and Landscapes have provided my family with extensive landscaping and tree services at two large properties in St. Louis County. They have done excellent woodland and garden design and implementation of extensive installations; as well as expert tree trimming and removal of dying and hazardous trees. 

They always work quickly, efficiently and cleanly. The survivability of the fine plant stock they acquire is remarkable because William Spradley is an expert on selecting tried and true species for particular environments which include Plants of Merit and appropriate native plantings."

-Randy Woods, Ladue

"I am now retired, but worked professionally in the field of horticulture for more than 25 years. I have a broad background in horticulture, but my passion has always been trees. As a result of this passion, I have been involved in many different aspects of the arboriculture industry. The tree care company I have chosen for my own property is Trees, Forests & Landscapes.

William Spradley and his crew are true professionals. They are all Certified Arborists, highly skilled and stay abreast of the most recent research and techniques.  Their equipment is state of the art and kept in excellent repair. To keep your greatest landscape treasures in the very best condition possible, I strongly recommend the services of Trees, Forests & Landscapes."

-Maggie Jackson, Kirkwood

"Probably ten or so years ago, the very large pin oak in our front yard was struck by lightning. It left a huge scar along the main trunk of the tree, and we called another tree service to come and look at it to see what we should do for it. The first company said it was a "goner", and no matter what we did for it, it would die, and it needed to come down. We called about five tree services with "free estimates", and had the same answer. Finally, we talked with people at Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood, and were referred to Trees, Forests and Landscapes. Although there was a consultation charge, it was worth every penny.

William Spradley came and evaluated our tree, made some recommendations on how to care for it — along with other large trees and shrubbery in our yard. He gave us the choice of his employees doing the work, and he also told us where we could get the products to use and apply ourselves. Since, we've had William come back a couple of times to help with tree evaluation when MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District) was doing work on an easement, and when Ameren Missouri was trimming our large pin oak. He coordinated his meeting with the Ameren Missouri supervisor, so that we were comfortable that the tree was trimmed appropriately. Each visit, William was generous with his time and advice. We feel like he is our pin oak's personal tree doctor."

-Daniel and Cynthia HutchinsonKirkwood

"Over many years there has been ample opportunity for me to be thankful that William Spradley and his outstanding staff at Trees, Forests and Landscapes were on hand to see us through an array of landscape challenges. 

Their sound advice has guided my tree selections. The careful installation of exceptionally beautiful, healthy trees and shrubs has transformed our garden into a green and serene place. Our trees have been pruned with exceptional care. When disease, storms or old age have taken their toll on our little patch of urban forest, the arborists at Trees, Forests and Landscapes have carefully managed tricky removals with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape. When we added onto our house, they advised us on how to avoid damage to our landscape during construction. The huge old oak near the building remains in fine health thanks to their recommendations. Our experience has ranged from annual plant health care to hazardous tree removal and all has been accomplished with a high level of professionalism and good humor." 

-Debbie Killmer, Warson Woods

"Trees, Forests & Landscapes has cared for my trees for more than 20 years. I have many mature trees and they have planted many new trees for me. The employees are knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They truly care about trees, use proper pruning techniques and are certified arborists. I would not even consider using another team of arborists." 

-Ann Case, Ladue

My personal testament to the service Trees, Forests and Landscapes provides comes from working first hand with Mr. Spradley and his crew. In coordinating projects across the state of Missouri I have appreciated their style and benevolence in providing outstanding results for our campuses. They have personally interacted with us for more than 20 years. The more recent decade with Trees, forests and Landscapes has offered opportunities in making a significant and long-lasting impact. 

As an organization that provides services to children, youth and families with emotional challenges, the environment in which we provide care is of utmost importance. Custom-crafted landscapes, colorful flower beds and matching trees provide an aesthetically pleasing environment to those we serve. Their landscape design and improvements to the children's recreation complex, Creative Play Day Care Center, Woodland Springs Lodge Homes and visitation center courtyard in St. James have provided children, families and visitors with a beautiful experience. The design of our Meramec Adventure Learning Ranch landscape plan fits the robust nature of Missouri's Ozark mountains and compliments the local scenery. 

They are talented at designing landscape themes and just as talented in implementing the plan.

The staff at Trees, Forests and Landscapes fit the values of providing excellence in service, quality products and fun in the process. Their commitment to assist us in volunteer projects engaging and educating the children in the art of planting and landscaping is not only fun, but an example of their commitment and passion for their work. The staff emulates the same passion for what they do through friendly interactions and quality results. True professionals in the business.

Whether we need trees trimmed, an arborist plan for a new project at the Edgewood campus or landscape layout ideas and improvements, they have always been a phone call away. I appreciate their style and know that Trees, Forests and Landscapes is in it for the right reason — to serve others with the utmost professionalism integrity in service and beautiful results.

-John Money, VP/Chief Facilities Officer for Great Circle