Meet our Team

WIlliam spradley


Main Expertise: Arboricultural Consultant, Sales Representative, Plant Health Care Diagnostic Specialist, Landscape Designer, Plant Selection/Procurement, Horticultural Instructor/Educator
Established at TFL: Founded company in 1990
Education Experience: Bachelors of Science in Forest Management from University of Missouri
Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist since 1992, Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator

Since founding Trees, Forests and Landscapes in 1990, William has gone on to do so much for the tree care industry. He has been president of St. Louis Arborists Association and has been on their officer's board for more than a decade. He also has been a past president of the International Society of Arboriculture's Midwestern Chapter.

He also likes to help out with future arborists. He is an active board member of the Horticulture Department at St. Louis Community College-Meramec, has participated in field days with University of Missouri Forestry students and teaches as an adjunct professor.

Over the years, he has traveled throughout most of the country and abroad to give more than 100 speaking engagements for various garden clubs, horticultural symposiums and arboricultural training programs. While in the meantime scouting out what the landscape and tree care industry has to offer in other countries to find the best solutions to our problems or queries back home.

Recently, William was acknowledged for his efforts in aiding the urban forest at William Woods University in Fulton by accepting the Missouri Arbor Award of Excellence. The award given out by The Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Community Forestry Council recognizes those that excel in improving Missouri communities through the stewardship of our community forests. He also was honored as one of seven recipients worldwide to receive ISA's True Professionals award. Read more about the award at ISA's website

He also is one of the only arborists in Missouri to receive a state proclamation from former Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon for his work in preserving the champion McBaine Bur Oak near Columbia, MO. Read about the work TFL did to help preserve this great natural treasureCheck out this video to learn more about the McBaine Bur Oak.

Michael Sestric

Chief Arborist, Operations Manager, Salesman

Main Expertise: Expert Aerial Lift Operator and Pruning Arborist, Arboricultural Consultant/Salesman
Established at TFL: June 2004
Education Experience: B.S. in Arboriculture cum Laude University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Certified Tree Worker Evaluator, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, Tree Care Safety Professional, Licensed Pesticide Applicators Technician, CTSP Certified, First Aid/CPR

Michael Sestric has been in the tree industry for more than two decades and has established a great work ethic, professionalism and relations with customers.

Sestric now oversees all facets of arborist care and manages the company's team of arborists in the most safe and efficient way possible. Since joining, Michael also has stepped up as a sales representative and consultant.

In the past Michael has been president and vice president of St. Louis Arborists Association, board member of the International Society of Arboriculture Midwestern Chapter, arborist on Carondelet Park Master Planning Committee and published in local arboricultural and green industry publications. More recently, Michael has served as president of the Midwestern ISA chapter.

He also was part of the team that received the Tree Care Industries Excellence in Arboriculture award for Arbor Care in San Jose, CA in 1995.

Jamie emmett

Chief Horticulturist and Climbing Expert

Main Expertise: Tree Pruning, Climbing abilities and Expert Landscape Installation Specialist
Established at TFL: Spring 2001
Education Experience: Graduate of Vianney, Bachelors of Science in Horticulture from University of Missouri
Certifications: ISA certified Arborist since 2004, CPR and First-Aid Training

With more than four decades in the tree industry, Jamie Emmett has proved that he is one of the most professional and expert climbers in the St. Louis region. Time and again he shows his climbing abilities in the tree whether it is a simple pruning job or a large takedown, Jamie gets the job done right and as safe as possible.

Over the years Jamie has also shown expertise in landscape installation. He has excellent equipment operation skills and excels in hardscape installations including boulder walls, steps and flag stone walkways. His experience and wealth of knowledge makes Jamie a great mentor to the next generation of arborists. And thanks to his friendly demeanor and experience, Jamie is often the most complimented of the team from customers again and again.

In the past, he has been the president and board member for Landscape Nurseryman's Association of Greater St. Louis.

He continues to learn more everyday and improve on his skills by obtaining continued education from Arboricultural Conferences for ISA, TCIA, the Midwestern Chapter of ISA, St. Louis Arborists Association, Landscape Nurseryman's Association of Greater St. Louis, EHAP and Horticulture Co-op of St. Louis.

Matt schmittgens

Climbing arborist

Main Expertise: Aerial Lift Operator, Climber, Chief Equipment Mechanic, Licensed Pesticide Technician
Established at TFL: Spring 2005
Education Experience: Continued Education from Arboricultural Conferences for ISA, EHAP, Hort-Coop, Midwestern Chapter of ISA
Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist, Pesticide Applicators License, CPR/First Aid

Matt Schmittgens has quickly grown into a professional tree climber. His skills do not stop in the tree. He is a skilled mechanic and groundsman. 

After becoming an ISA-Certified arborist, it helped set the standard for professionalism in the St. Louis area. Very few other tree service companies in the country can claim to have as high of a percentage of their employees to be ISA Certified as Trees, Forests and Landscapes does.

He continues to attend conferences to obtain continued education units and keep updated on the latest climbing techniques and safety policies. In the past, Matt competed in the Midwestern ISA's Tree Climbing Championships. 

JAMes smith

james profile.jpg


Main Expertise: Landscape Installer, Aerial Lift Operator, Tree Pruner, Grounds Man, Equipment Operator and Pesticide Applicator
Established at TFL: Spring 2013
Education Experience: Graduate of Vianney High School, Associates in Applied Science from St. Louis Community College
Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist, Eagle Scout BSA, Red Cross First Aid/CPR Training, Pesticide Technician Applicator, Arbor Master L1 Precision Felling, Chainsaw Handling and Ergonomics, National Forest Service B Intermediate Sawyer Certified and PADI Scuba Certified

James is rapidly adding many important certifications and skills in just a short period of time.  All with a base of safety as well as education to better serve our clients.

Like the rest of the staff, James enjoys every facet of arboriculture and is quick to offer assistance or answer any question you may have about your landscape. He is ready to answer the call when the community is in need of assistance which is proving him to be a good fit here.

James recently became ISA certified to help Trees, Forests and Landscapes to set the standard in the St. Louis area with 100 percent of its staff to be ISA Certified Arborists.

Michael garrett

Plant Health Care Technician, Licensed Pesticide Applicator, Degreed Forester and Landscape Designer 

Main Expertise: Plant Health Care Technician
Established at TFL: Spring 2014
Education Experience: Bachelors of Science in Forestry from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale; Masters in Landscape Architecture from University of Illinois
Certifications: ISA Certified Arborist, Pesticide Applicator License, CPR/First Aid, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

Michael joined the Trees, Forests and Landscapes team in the spring of 2014 and brings with him a diverse horticulture background. He has experience in horticulture operations, ecological restoration and landscape design, but above all has centered his career around arboriculture, tree preservation and plant health care operations.

Michael also assists as an adjunct professor for tree identification and insect disease courses.

He joins the team to lead the Plant Health Care program to diagnose and treat insect and pest problems; disease, cultural and environmental issues while working with clientele to develop beautiful, creative and manageable urban forests.