What we offer to care for your urban forest

Tree Care

Tree pruning is as much as an art as it is the a science of selective limb removal. Our knowledge of tree health and the needs of
specimen collections set Trees, Forests and Landscapes
apart from the rest in regards to care.



Garderners, urban foresters and satisfied customers across the St. Louis area refer us highly to hand select and plant appealing, healthy trees. The specific micro-climate in each site must be accurately assessed to correctly develop plant selection lists. Knowing how to read this this information helps aid in planting success.


Plant health care

Taking a holistic approach to managing the health of trees proactively is what we strive for with Plant Health Care. It is a combination based in the knowledge of proper nutrition, proper watering, management of a healthy root system and multitudes of insect and disease control tactics.



Trees, Forests and Landscapes is strongly referred and highly respected for their wisdom and information in its consultation around trees, plant health ratings, tree risk assesment, plant selection and landscape design.